MotorClothes® Merchandise

MotorClothes® Merchandise

Harley-Davidson has been making apparel and gear for riders since 1912. With that history of success, H-D knows what works. On the road, and on a t-shirt, genuine Harley-Davidson apparel is the kind of quality that can turn a leather jacket into a family heirloom. From functional gear like rain suits and helmets, to mechanics’ work shirts, to modern riding jackets, to apparel that lets you roll with some Harley® when you’re off your bike, we’ve got you covered.

Thunder Road Harley-Davidson® of Danville, VA is the place to find it. Stop in and smell the leather. See what feels right to you.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Riding Gear

Thunder Road Harley-Davidson believes that rider safety is paramount. Whether you are six months into your new Harley-Davidson adventure or 25 years past your sport bikes days, motorcycle gear is an investment in your safety that will always pay for itself. 

The bottom line is that there are cheaper ways to go. So, while your current jeans and hiking boots are stylish, are you willing to cut corners on your safety? "All the Gear." "All the Time," are words to live by when riding your motorcycle on the open road. 

At Thunder Road Harley-Davidson, we sell premium quality Riding Gear that will keep you protected from head to toe while you are riding your motorcycle. 

Riding Boots and Shoes

Thunder Road Harley-Davidson features many different varieties of boots, when can be split into Riding Gear and Style categories. 

Riding Boots are made of the highest quality materials and were manufactured with one thing in mind, the safety and comfort of the rider. All Riding Boots come with a Goodyear Welt Constructed Sole, for maximum grip on slick surfaces. Both the leather and canvas riding boots are heat resistant, so you don't need to worry about rubber melting on your exhaust. Our production model features will vary, but we do carry select styles with reinforced Steel Toes, Over the Ankle Support, Waterproof and available in wide sizes. 

Fashion shoes sold at Thunder Road Harley-Davidson are a superior quality shoe designed for lifestyle and the personality of you, the H-D enthusiast. While fashion shoes are not built for safety on your ride, Thunder Road's selection of fashion shoes will certainly set you apart from your fellow riders. 

Motorcycle Helmets

Thunder Road Harley-Davidson offers a large selection of both men's and women's motorcycle helmets. All of our helmets are Department of Transportation safety approved. We offer Half Shell, Three-Quarter Shell, Open Face, Full Face, Full Face Modular and 3-in-1 style helmets in stock at all times. 

After your Safety Approval, Helmet fit is the most important aspect of purchasing a helmet. In addition to a trained Associate who can assist with helmet fit, Thunder Road offers Children's sized helmets all the way to size 5XL. We have a helmet for everyone. 

Lastly, we currently offer three different helmet manufacturers. Harley-Davidson Premium Motocycle Helmets, G MAX, Highway 21, LS2.

Goggles and Glasses

If you enjoy the wind hitting your face when you are riding your motorcycle, maybe full-face helmets aren't for you. In that case, as a rider or passenger you will need something to protect your eyes from the wind. 

Thunder Road is currently offering Riding Glasses, Standard Goggles, Over the Glasses Goggles, and Over the Helmet Goggles. All of our goggles and glasses sold at the dealership are impact resistant and have the option for Day/Night Transition. Select brands of goggles and glasses are also available with RX ready lenses. 

Leather Jackets For Men and Women

Leather jackets provide maximum protection, comfort and style for all motorcycle riders. Black Leather to Brown Leather, 3-in-1 leather motorcycle jackets to bomber jackets Thunder Road has the styles you are looking for. 

Not all leather jackets are created equal, and the leather jackets at Thunder Road Harley-Davidson are designed and made with the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle rider in mind. All of our leather jackets have an "Actionback," which allows for increased mobility of the rider. They are reflective to maximize visibility during low situations on the road. They have inner pockets to keep your electronics dry and come with a 5-Year Factory Warranty. 

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