Thunder Alley Performance

Thunder Alley Performance


You have seen it, heard it and finally it is here. Thunder Road Harley-Davidson is proud to announce Thunder Alley Performance!

Thunder Alley is the performance section of Thunder Road Harley-Davidson's premier Service center. We specialize in performance work of any level. From a Stage I, Stage II, all the way to a complete custom motor build – our team can handle everything.

Our technicians are experienced, well trained, and well versed in the performance end of the Harley-Davidson world. "WE KNOW...WE SPEAK...WE BUILD...PERFORMANCE". Our goal is to build what you want. We take the time to listen to what you desire, understand your riding skills, and acknowledge your expectations. In the end, you know best where you want the extra performance. Each machine requires a different approach, our team will walk you through what those differences are and why each adjustment (motor / suspension / etc.) is necessary. Components are key, understanding what those components do and why they are the best fit for your needs is what is fundamental to you enjoying your build.

Our team takes the time to explain and walk through each of these. Interested? Set up consultation with the Service Manager and the Engine Builder. This is an investment. Let us help you trust and believe in your upgrade. Give the team a call to get your build scheduled.